Jasin Boland is a global motion picture stills photographer who works on massive action franchises, such as the Matrix, Bond, and Bourne.

Ron Henry of BlackRapid talks with Jasin Boland about the dangers of photographing action movies, whether to use long or wide lenses, the beauty of imperfections, how enthusiasts are the heart of photography, and more. 

BlackRapid –

Jasin Boland Website –

Jasin Boland Instagram –

Jasin Boland YouTube –


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Bry Cox is a Gold Medalist out of 25,000 international photographers, has owned a studio in Utah for over 25 years. He teaches workshops throughout the US and abroad, is an Adobe Software Evangelist, is a PPA Master/Craftsman about 13 times over.

Ron Henry and Bry Cox talk creativity, style, adding emotion to images, commercial photography, adapting during Covid, and motorcycles. 

BlackRapid –

Bry's Portrait Site –

Bry's Commercial Site –

Bry's Training Site –

Instagram –

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Mike Ridinger has been a full time photographer for over 35 years and is based in Lewiston, Idaho. He has spoken at PPA Imaging, SYNC, After Dark, Light Pro Expo, and several state affiliates.

Mike (or Dinger as he is known) has a knack for teaching in a way that is easy to understand and is a popular instructor everywhere he goes. Mike has 2 sons, Keaton and Cade. He received his PPA Craftsman Degree in 2014.

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Rock photographer, Robert Knight, creator of "Brotherhood Of The Guitar," and featured in the rock documentary, "Rock Prophesies," talks with Ron Henry of BlackRapid Podcast.

They chat about picking up Led Zeppelin from the Hawaii airport, photographing various rock stars, positive thinking, synchronicity, and removing the noise from thoughts and moving forward with intention.

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Mark Doyle is a concert and music photographer. He's photographed Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rush, Alice in Chains, Kiss, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi among many others. He's currently the house photographer for the Manhattan Center / Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. 

In this podcast Mark and Ron talk about music photography during the Covid shutdown.

Instagram –

Facebook – 

Website –

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Koury Angelo is an award-winning Rock & Roll and celebrity portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Koury's work has been featured on the covers of Billboard, People, The Hollywood Reporter and more. His other clients include Apple, Rolling Stone, Red Bull, Netflix, Hilton, AMEX, Spotify, Converse, Adidas, Bacardi, Bud Light, Calvin Klein, Chevy and Facebook, to name a few.

Koury's Spotlight on BlackRapid

Koury's Website

Instagram @kouryangelo

Facebook @kouryangelophotography

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Joe Endy is a 56 year old photographer from Pennsylvania who got into photography after back problems and surgery. Since then he's become a prolific wildlife photographer. In this episode, Joe talks about photographing Bald Eagles at the Conowingo Dam in Maryland, along with his creative process, and how he's able to create images with his spine injury.

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Instagram –
Facebook –

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Hopper Stone is a movie stills photographer known for photographing movies like "Captain Phillips," “Ghostbusters”, “Hidden Figures”, and TV shows like "Modern Family." He's also a professional voice actor for audio books. From his Winnebago studio, Ron Henry interviews artists about their creative process and journey.

Follow Hopper Stone

Website –

Instagram – @hopper_stone

Black Rapid Spotlight on Hopper Stone – 

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Henry Diltz and his friend Rich Horowitz together own the Morrison Hotel Gallery, a fine art music photography art gallery with locations in New York, Maui, Los Angeles, and online. From his Winnebago studio, Ron Henry interviews artists about their creative process and journey.

Follow Henry Diltz & Rich Horowitz

Photography Website –

Gallery Website –

Henry Diltz Instagram –

Morrison Hotel Gallery Instagram –

Original Podcast with Ron Henry, Henry Diltz, and Rich Horowitz

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Musician, motorcyclist, and filmmaker William “Billy” McCarthy talks with BlackRapid's founder, Ron Henry.

From his Winnebago studio, Ron Henry interviews artists about their creative process and journey.

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Instagram –

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An increasingly popular trend in photography is nightscapes and it probably has something to do with Royce Bair. Royce has been a photographer for over two decades, and has enjoyed a wide variety of assignments and clients. He also is an instructor and takes students out overnight in national parks to learn all the techniques to achieve their photo vision. Royce is known for his starry night skies sometimes featuring the milky way as well as light painting of landscape features to enhance recognition. He has had his images in National Geographic, on book covers, and all over the web. In this podcast you will hear his passion for technique, some tips, and much much more. Please visit his website below to view all of his amazing images.

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John Keatley stops by the studio again this time to promote his upcoming workshop "Survival Guide: Teaching Artist's to Thrive in Unfamiliar Terrority". Listen in to get a flavor of the workshop and also get a short history on Keatley's career.

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The legendary Steve Manning, filling in for Ron Henry, sits down with MLS Seattle Sounders centerback Zach Scott and BlackRapid Ambassador Jim Bennett. Zach discusses growing up in Hawaii, how he started playing soccer and his successful 2014 season. Jim talks about his interesting family roots, music photography and his approach to capturing images on the sidelines. Most importantly though, our guest host reminisces about dressing up in an eagle suit and crashing the party. 

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Dawn Wells, an actress famous for playing Mary Ann Summers from Gilligan's Island joins us for a 20 min cruise and what a pleasure it was! She is traveling around the U.S. promoting her new book, What Would Mary Ann Do? (which we highly recommend everyone going out a grabbing from a local bookstore). Her perspective on today's culture compared to how she grew up was fascinating and her energy was refreshing. 

More about the book:

As the sweet, polite, and thoughtful Mary Ann Summers from Kansas in the hit series Gilligan’s Island, Dawn Wells created an unforgettable and beloved character that still connects with people fifty years from the show’s debut in 1964. As the “good girl” among the group of castaways on a tiny island, she was often positioned against the glamorous and exotic Ginger Grant, played by Tina Louise, prompting many to ask: Are you a Ginger or a Mary Ann?

Part self-help, part memoir, and part humor—with a little classic TV nostalgia for good measure—What Would Mary Ann Do? contains twelve chapters on everything from how Mary Ann would respond to changes in today’s culture to addressing issues confronting single women and mothers. Anecdotal sidebars also describe fascinating facts and compelling memories from the show, as well as some trivia questions to challenge fans and followers. Illustrated with photographs from Wells’s private collection, this book provides inspiring lessons from TV’s favorite good girl.

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BlackRapid Radio welcomes Seattle filmmakers, Alder Sherwood and Jeremiah Kaynor of Corvus Eye Productions ("The Divine Marigold's", "All My President's", "Timetravel_o"). Their new project "Do You Shift?" is a documentary film that is seeking "Shapeshifters" in countries and cultures throughout the world. The documentary will explore many aspects of Shapeshifting in history, mythology and pop culture through interviews with people who experience shapeshifting today.

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Emree’s inspiration is heavily drawn from her northwest background, her passion for health and fitness, and fusing the gap between her love of the outdoors and urban lifestyle. Emree strives to write about the things that are hard to talk about, as the voice of a reflection, or justification. In 2013 Emree signed on with Undeniable Management formed by Robert Knight, Paul Stepanek and Patrick Clifford. She currently splits her time between Nashville, Seattle, and LA as she continues to write and record new material for her album. In this episode you will get an inside to how Nashville works and some spur of the moment live performances by Emree! 




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Tony is a third generation photographer it is in his viking blood. He grew up in the studio, his first job was in the studio and now he is 40 and he owns the studio. He lays his hat down in Spokane, WA with his incredible family and his talented studio crew. His bread and butter is product, real estate, and food photography. In addition to being behind the camera he also teaches workshops in the winter and is a staff writer for the photography blog Fstoppers. Check out his site and his work and follow him on all the social platforms!


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  • DJ Kevin Cole the Afternoon Show host and director of programming at KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle and KEXP.ORG Worldwide join us in the studio, as well as, Carol DuPuis the woman behind the scenes handling account underwriting and business support. Listen in as they discuss the humble beginnings of KEXP, where they discover music, and how KEXP transforms the way radio stations are ran in the future. Also, learn how they launched Vampire Weekend, Monsters of Men, and many other artist's careers in the music industry.
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Blackrapid's founder Ron Henry faced a hard truth late 2013 when he was diagnosed with Cancer.  This is about his journey through the process from start to finish. He kept it private for almost a year and this is the first time he has gone public. This is Part 2 which explains the whole radiation process.
"This may have been one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to deal with. I want to thank the team of doctors at the UW Hospital in Seattle who worked with us and the loving support of friends and family, I couldn't have done this with out you".  
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Blackrapid's founder Ron Henry faced a hard truth late 2013 when he was diagnosed with Cancer.  This is about his journey through the process from start to finish. He kept it private for almost a year and this is the first time he has gone public. This is Part 1 which takes us from diagnosis to post surgery.
Notes from Ron:
"In the mirror of the hospital's waiting room.. I see an old lady sitting in a wheel chair, her daughter waits with her. I see the sadness of the caregiving daughter who has taken her mothers sickly energy and begins to look similar in body posture and frumpiness of not caring anymore. Her life was to keep her mother alive. 

It was pretty much silent as they sat together with no conversation except for when the daughter wanted to go to the rest room and leave her for a minute. She told her three times I will be back you'll be ok. Then she left and was back as if she hurried her break not to be gone long. Her mother sat silent when she returned as if she really never knew her daughter left. 

I see myself in the mirror with dated floral furniture and a 20 year old photo of Seattle as if this was to keep my spirits high and my mind off of this why i was there - 

I can smell the dying mother from the far corner of the room where I stood. I was hoping soon she would be wheeled away to see the doctor so I can take a normal breath again. This is not me in the mirror I manifest cool things and great adventures. I have no more holes in my belt to cinch it any tighter. This is a day to be in the sun that shines through the dirty 18th floor window with its grand view of the city. I have my dog that brings me happiness staying with a friend in Bellevue so I can talk about how to beat this thing. I feel this is not me- this is not my story. When i finally wrap my head around this - It will not be the end - it will be a chapter and short chapter at best."

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Highly prolific and talented music photographer Henry Diltz stopped by our studio to promote his new book and chat about his fantastical life. He has been said to be the "best photographer you've never heard of." Diltz just stumbled upon this profession by taking photos of all of his friends who just so happened to be Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and others living in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. You will find yourself shaking your head as he nonchalantly tells you the story of how he got the shot of The Doors' "Morrison Hotel" and James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" album covers.  Henry watched and documented Woodstock being built from the ground up. He now is a co-founder of The Morrison Hotel Gallery which started in 2001 by record company exec and producer Peter Blachley, music industry professional Richard Horowitz (who joins this podcast) and Diltz. The Gallery represents world renowned photographers, and has now grown to become the place to purchase fine art music photography. Each account would be a disservice to summarize here; listen for yourself to this simply amazing man's stories.


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John Keatley and Taylor Reed are the brains behind Keatley Photo. They join Ron fresh off a huge music video with Fences feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for the song "Arrows" as well as a huge Instagram campaign for HotelsTonight. These two stay busy and have the portfolio to prove it. John has photographed some of the biggest celebrities and names out there including notables Annie Leibovitz, Sarah Palin, and Bill Gates. He is known for putting his subjects completely at ease with his sense of humor and down-to-earth outlook. His celebrity portraits and advertising campaigns are balanced with his wide range of personal projects as well as his work on international awareness campaigns, such as a recent trip to Liberia to work on a clean water initiative.  John’s work is regularly recognized for awards, including American Photography, the PDN, and Communication Arts Photography Annuals.

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One of PDN's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch, Jenny Riffle captures extremely interesting images. Medium format and 35mm are her tools and she knows how to use them. Explore her images and her wonderful take on photography in this lovely podcast.

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Matthew Lamb joins us this week to talk about concert photography, sports photography, and his many shoots at Key Arena right here in Seattle, WA. Matthew talks about the difference of gear he brings to each event and where to be to get that perfect shot. This guy has been around and seen a lot of concerts so if your into big event photography this is a great resource! 

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Ron meets widely published photographer, illustrator, and instructor David Julian in the Podcast room for some interesting talk about his approach and aesthetic. David has created art for nationwide clients and for galleries, institutions and collectors. His love for nature, psychology and science is evident in diverse works that blend beauty, mystery and imagination. 



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Ron welcomes back legendary rock photographer Robert M. Knight for an update on his Brotherhood of The Guitar - now backed by Steve Vai, Orianthi, and more. He also introduces young upcoming artists Caspian Coberly, Austin Cass, and Amanda Hardy to discuss what it takes to make it in today's music business, and the source of inspiration. Check it out!

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Beth Barrett, Director of Programing for the largest US film festival SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) - with over 150,000 attendees per year, SIFF is a leading showcase for up and coming filmmakers, riveting documentaries, and art film from across the globe. Learn what it takes to put on this HUGE 25 day event and how it's changing the face of cinema, plus BlackRapid Media's studio director Bradley fills in for Ron on this special 30th episode! 

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Ron invites wedding photographers and Get Hitched Give Hope charity members Barbie Hull & Kimberly person to discuss this oustanding organization. Get Hitched Give Hope organizes wedding planning events and services that donate money to fund the final wishes and dreams of the terminally ill and their families. The organization has funded dreams like second honeymoons, weddings, and even puppies!

Learn more at

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Alan Lawrence sits in to interview Tod O'Driscoll, photojournalist and humanitarian photographer who's work has been published by the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Congressional Quarterly Magazine, and other publications and corporations.

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Guest host Alan Lawrence invites friends and fellow photographers Gretchen and Chris to review some great Holiday gift ideas including Think Tank's new TurnStyle bags.

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Ron welcomes Leah Warshawski and Todd Soliday, professional filmmakers of the critically acclaimed documentary "Finding Hillywood". They discuss the secrets of the festival circuit, where they've won countless awards and praise for this inspirational film about how making movies can help to heal even the deepest wounds in war torn Rwanda. They share their insights on film, world travel, and the beauty of storytelling.

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If you know photos, you know Fro. Find out how he got started, and what made his brand of blog/ videos/ reviews SO popular! Jared Polin (aka Fro) is an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and countless other international publications. In 2010, Jared launched, a fun and informative website for photographers that provides guidance in the art, process, equipment and experience of capturing moments in photos. In addition to being an avid BlackRapid user, he always shoots RAW.

Direct download: EP24_-_Jared_Polin_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Pulitzer Prize winning documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller Deanne Fitzmaurice joins us for an in-depth look at her methods, her experience, and how she approaches her subjects. She's also joined by Dan Holmes to discuss their recent work for the upcoming documentary "Shifting Ground", a story of the slums of Africa. Deanne is a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, TIME, 
Newsweek, and The Economist as well as numerous other publications.
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Ron invites multi-talented photographer, organizer, founder of the Seattle Photography Club , and workshop speaker Alan Lawrence to talk about his approach to photography. He also fills us in on Seattle events including his BlackRapid workshop on October 12, 2013 - and gives tips on how to get your wife to stop the car so you can capture three goats in Iceland!

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Ron invites BlackRapid sponsored Olympic Ski Jump hopefulls and special guest Bill Kerig Director of "Ready To Fly" and Rally Me to talk about the struggle to get women's ski jumping into the Olympics, Rally Me crowd funding, and how to get that perfect jump.

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Ron welcomes back BlackRapid's very own favorite video guy, Dan Holmes. He discusses the beauty and dangers while filming the upcoming documentary "Shifting Ground", a look into the lives of three women through the lens of three directors. 

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Award winning portrait photographer Anita Nowacka shares her experience at a recent National Geographic workshop in Wyoming. She shares tips on high speed focus, shooting cowboys, and how to motivate at 4am. 

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Talented Seattle singer/ songwriter Naomi Wachira discusses growing up in Kenya, the inspiration for her amazing music, and gives BlackRapid video guy Dan Holmes tips on travelling in Nairobi. Her debut EP "African Girl" is now available on iTunes.

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Celebration! Photo Exhibit, Opening June 20th

Ron invites friend, former BlackRapid Social Queen, and successful commercial/ wedding photographer LaRae Lobdell to talk about her latest exhibition "Celebration!" showing at Seattle's ACT Theatre. The complete exhibit is 200+ pieces from her 16-month personal project which changed the visual marketing landscape of Seattle theatre. They also discuss how to approach people, LaRae's journey from weddings to commercial photography, and dog bowls!

Celebration! Tickets >

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BlackRapid Studios has the great pleasure of showing a weekend-long exhibit of John Lennon's original artwork, June 7 - 9. Ron welcomes curators and super nice guys, Rich Horowitz & Paul Jillson to talk about this one-of-a-kind exhibition; how they got involved, and how art, photography, and music has shaped their lives.

Direct download: Podcast_17_-_Lennon_MSTR.m4a
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Ron welcomes the Executive Director of Youth In Focus, a Seattle-based youth photography program that promotes education, community, and self-worth. For over 20 years, Youth In Focus has taught and inspired students to explore creative media including black & white film photography, developing, digital photography, and post processing. Learn more about this great non-profit at:

Direct download: Podcast_16-_YouthinFocus_MSTR.m4a
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Ron welcomes director of the critically acclaimed wind surfing documentary "Children of the Wind". Daphne shares her insights on film festivals, independent distribution, and capturing inspiring cinematic stories.

Direct download: EP15-DaphneSchmon_MASTER_v1.m4a
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From streets of Cambodia to the glaciers of Antarctica, M&M photo tours provides one of the best options for all-inclusive photo tours of the world. Ron invites founders Mike Gulbraa and Ken Wright to share some of their experiences and travels abroad on their breathtaking one-of-a-kind scenic tours.

Direct download: EP14_-_MMPhotoTours_MASTER_V1.m4a
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Motion picture stills photographer Jasin Boland has captured world famous poster images for Hollywood blockbusters such as The Matrix, Bourne Identity, and Mission Impossible. Hear Jasin tell you first hand how he gets the shots, gets the jobs, and what makes him just about the coolest guy in the biz. Also tune in for TONS of great tech tips for shoot action photos!

Direct download: PODCAST_13_Jasin_Boland_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ever wonder what it's like to pick up Led Zeppelin from an airport in Hawaii?

Robert M. Knight will tell you.

Ron welcomes the legendary rock photographer and star of the documentary "Rock Prophecies", Robert M. Knight for a special 60 minute episode. We had to make it that long to fit all of Robert's fantastic stories! Plus special guests Emree Frankiln & Haley Mclean, two amazingly talented musicians leading the charge of Robert's latest project in collaboration with Fender and Guitar Center, "Brotherhood Of The Guitar"

Direct download: Podcast_12_Robert_Knight_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Media Queen Susie fills in and talks with no  nonsense photo gear blogger and published photographer Ron Martinsen about his photography and his wildly popular site that informs buyers and can save you millions in gear expense.

Wanna learn how to get the best gear AND work on zero sleep? Tune in!

Direct download: Podcast_11_Ron_Martinsen_MASTER_v2.m4a
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After shooting weddings for over 17 years, Chris Becker has made a career out of making great work and developing great relationships. Now with [b]-School, a photog community website dedicated to uniting and educating shooters of all types, Becker is forging a new tool to building your community and promoting your business.

Direct download: PODCAST_10_BSchool_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ron talks with Shoot Sac's leading lady about her startup experience, making your marketing work, secrets of production, and how to get your ideas off the ground!

This is a must listen for any aspiring business owner!

Direct download: EP09_ShootSac_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ron talks with 3 time winner of The Knot's Best of Weddings Award. One half of a husband and wife team, Brian shares his techniques, experience, and info about his Workshop at BlackRapid Studios April 13th.

Direct download: EP08_PODCAST_BRIAN_HARTMAN_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ron talks with musician, composer, friend, and director of BlackRapid Music, Bradley Laina about his experience in the music biz, exciting music projects, and the future of BlackRapid Media. What's it like to sing a STYX song in front of 500 people while a contortionist performs next to you? Find out here!

Direct download: Podcast_7_Bradley_Laina_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ron welcomes Emmy Winning video journalist, filmmaker, and entrepenuer Michael Artsis. Recently nominated again for his NY Post piece "Portraits of WTC Bravery", Michael  is also an avid BlackRapid user! Ron discusses his work, love of documentary styles, and distribution.

W/ special guest Daphne Schmon, director of "Children of the Wind"

Direct download: Podcast_6_Artsis_Schmee_1_MASTER_v1.m4a
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From a broken home and out of work, singer-songwriter Justin Goff's incredible voice and inspiring story will move you. While walking through Guitar Center in Seattle, Ron discovered an amazing talent with a story of staying positive through the toughest times. Featuring a live in - studio performance of an original song.

Direct download: Podcast_5_-_Justin_Goff_Master_v1.m4a
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EP04 - Dan Ballard, Master Landscape Photographer - BR RADIO

Ron talks with master landscape photographer Dan Ballard about his dangerous world travels, his techniques, workshops, and getting held at gunpoint!

Dan Ballard is an internationally known travel and landscape photographer from Colorado. His images take you on a visual journey to some of the world’s most beautiful and far-reaching corners. Dan has visited nearly 50 countries on five continents around the globe, and his work has attracted the attention and praise of some of the biggest names and companies in the photo industry.

Dan’s images have been on display around the U.S. in museums and galleries, and he has sold images to clients around the globe, including The National Geographic Society. He is proud to be on the Zenfolio Pro Team, and to have strong working relationships with the most trusted names in photography, including SanDisk, ThinkTank Photo, LEE Filters and Really Right Stuff. His images have been published in magazines and calendars, and he has won or been a finalist in numerous prestigious competitions. Large, framed prints of his western work can be found at gift and furniture stores around the country. Dan’s image ”Let ‘er Fly” was recently featured in a Smithsonian Channel episode on what makes an award-winning image.

Direct download: Podcast_4_Dan_Ballard.m4a
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EP03 - Savanah Kent, Fashion & Wedding Photographer - BR RADIO

Ron talks with talented portrait, wedding and commercial photographer Savanah Kent about the challenges of shooting high fashion in 18" of snowfall! Crazy!
with special guest Anita Nowacka.

Direct download: Podcast_3_Savanah_MASTER_v1.m4a
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Ron discusses inspiration, career arc, gear, and the philosophy of ”directed photojournalism” with accomplished photographer Anita Nowacka (pronounced Novatzka)

Originally from Poland, Anita is a nationally recognized photographer, with 12 years of experience photographing professionally. She specializes in outdoor family photography, spontaneous portraits of children in Seattle, WA area, weddings, and life celebrations.

Direct download: Podcast_Ep02__Anita_MASTER_v1.m4a
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​Chef/Artist Tiberio Simone and Photographer Matt Freedman from the book
"La Figa: Visions of Food and Form"
Join Ron Henry to discuss food, art, sensuality, and their creative process.

Direct download: Podcast_EP03_LaFiga_MASTER_v2.mp3
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